Website Privacy Policy

Merely accessing and browsing the website (hereinafter, the “Website“) does not, as a general rule, result in visitors’ personal data being collected.

Nevertheless, GESTERNOVA SERVICIOS ENERGÉTICOS, S.L. (hereinafter, “Contigo Energía” or “We/Us”), reminds you that cookies may be installed on the device used to access the Website, if you decide to continue browsing it, as explained in our Cookies Policy.

In addition, if you complete any of the forms on the Website, subscribe to ournewsletter or submit a comment or send us an email, we will collect and process personal data about you, to the extent needed to respond to your enquiry or request, or if you authorise us to send you marketing messages. An explanation of how personal data will be processed in these cases is provided hereon.

Processing of users’ personal data provided through the website

Who is the data controller?

The data controller is GESTERNOVA SERVICIOS ENERGÉTICOS, S.L., with Spanish tax identification number (CIF) A‐87811634 and registered address at Calle Aguarón, 23, portal B, 1º B, Edificio Catalpa, Madrid (28023) (Spain).

The data controller has appointed a Data Protection Officer who is responsible for ensuring the comply complies with data protection legislation and dealing with any complaints that may be lodged by affected parties. Users may contact the Data Protection Officer using the form referred to in the last section of this policy.

What type of personal data do we collect?

We process the following categories of persona data:

  • Identification and contact details: name, surname, email address, telephone number and postal address.
  • Information about your home or the property for which you have requested a quote: address and characteristics of the property, e.g. if it is a flat, office building or single-family dwelling, and the size and orientation of the roof.
  • Details of consumption habits: hours of peak electricity consumption or consumption forecasts.
  • Details of special promotions or offers you are eligible for. We have an agreement with IKEA IBÉRICA S.A.U. (“IKEA”) to offer benefits to this company’s customers. When one of these special offers or promotions is applicable to you, we will process the data about you as an IKEA customer and, as the case may be, your “IKEA FAMILY” number.
  • Any other information you send us using the email addresses provided on the Website (enquiries, claims or complaints).

We collect the aforementioned data directly from you when you complete any of the forms on the Website, use our Solar Calculator, or voluntarily contact us, except details of the property location. If this location is the same as your location when you access the Website and you have activated the geolocation option, we may automatically collect details of the location.

Please remember that you must provide us with information you own when you use any form, calculator or simulator provided on our Website. Before providing any third parties’ personal data to us, you must request their consent.

If you need to contact us on behalf of your company or organisation, we will process details of your job position and/or the powers of representation you have and your work contact details. In such cases, it is important you provide company information, not your personal telephone number or email address.

Why do we use your personal data and on what legal grounds?

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To carry out a cost-benefit assessment of the solar PV system and send you a quote; we will process your identification and contact details, information about your home or the property where the system will be installed, and details of your consumption habits or preferences. The legal grounds for processing are the existence of a pre-contractual relationship.
  • To send you ournewsletters, if you have subscribed to them, and send you marketing messages about our products and services or the products and services of our partners, if you authorise us to do so; we will process your identification and contact details. We will only process the above data if you give you consent.
  • For any enquiries, complaints or requests you send us, we will collect and process your identification and contact details and any other information you send us along with your correspondence. We will only process the above data if you give you consent

If you submit a request or application on behalf of a company or organisation, we will process your personal data for the purpose of contacting this entity, on the grounds of our legitimate interest in establishing commercial relations with third parties. We remind you that in such cases, you must provide us with work contact details and we may require proof that you are authorised to represent the entity in question.

Who do we share your personal data with?

Authorised Contigo Energía personnel can access your personal data, as well as our service providers who have signed the corresponding data processor agreement. These are primarily IT support providers (such as data storage or website maintenance service providers).

We do not disclose personal data to third-party data controllers unless you have given us consent.

Some of our products are offered in partnership with IKEA. In this regard, in order to prepare a quote or offer, we will ask for your permission to pass on your details to IKEA so this entity can send you marketing messages with exclusive events, promotions and offers tailored to your likes, interests and purchasing history with IKEA. This consent may be revoked at any time.

If you give consent, we will provide IKEA with all the identification and contact details you have provide to us; IKEA will act as the data controller as per its own privacy policy:

How long will we keep your personal data?

If you do not contract a product or service, we will store your data for six years. If you have subscribed to our newslettersor have asked to receive marketing messages, we will store your data until you decide to unsubscribe. 

What rights can you exercise?

Data protection legislation affords you the following rights:

  • Right to access your personal data, which includes obtaining a copy thereof;
  • Right to eliminate the data;
  • Right to rectify the data;
    Right to oppose the data;
  • Right to restrict the processing of the data; and
  • Right to portability of the data.

To exercise these rights, you must contact Contigo Energía by writing to:

  • Postal address: FAO: Data Protection OfficerC/ Aguarón, 23. portal B, 1º B
    Edificio Catalpa
    28023 Madrid (Spain)
  • Email:

You can use the same contact details to revoke your consent.

All our newslettersand marketing messages sent by electronic means also include a link enabling users to easily and automatically unsubscribe without having to contact us.

If you believe your rights have not been respected, you may lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Officer or the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) (

Social networks

Contigo Energía has various social network profiles that are not used to provide a service to customers or potential customers but to disseminate information about our products and services. That said, you may contact us via these social networks and we will answer you and/or fulfil your request.

In this respect, please note that:

  • Contigo Energía does not collect any personal data from the profiles of users with which it interacts through social networks. Depending on each user’s privacy settings, it may access the user’s profile picture, name, contacts and/or network activity. Such data may be accessed in accordance with the rules and policies of the social network in question, but never extracted and stored on systems other than those indicated.
  • Contigo Energía cannot delete or cancel user profiles or execute any other actions on a user’s behalf. The user must contact the entity responsible for the social network to perform such actions.
  • Any comments or messages posted by users on our profiles may be accessed by third parties. Users must not, under any circumstances, disseminate their own data or that of third parties (email address, contract reference numbers, etc.) on these social networks.
  • We therefore recommend that, where possible, you contact us by direct message. If you send us a direct message asking for information or help, we may pass on the contact details you have given us to our customer service team so they can contact you by other means.

Data Protection Officer contact details

If you have any questions or believe your rights have not been duly respected, you can contact Contigo Energía’s Data Protection Officer at the following addresses:

  • Postal address: FAO: Data Protection OfficerC/ Aguarón, 23. portal B, 1º B
    Edificio Catalpa
    28023 Madrid (Spain)
  • Email:

Version date: 23 02 2021